Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Tara from Sticky Fingers is particularly prescient with her theme this week: yellow. Did you read about the desecration of a Rothko this in the name, ironically, of art? A new movement called Yellowism as instigated by two rather deluded individuals.
So to be topical in my celebration of yellow.

It looks a bit crap doesn't it? It is the work of the amazing Linda Sgoluppi and let me tell you she is more an impossible name to spell. The picture hangs in my room and gives me such pleasure, it seems to change colour as the light changes throughout the day, at certain times the base coat of yellow shimmers.

That is better! Yellowism and it pseudo art is indicative of much crap that it dumped in the name of art. (No, the Duchamp urinal is not in the category). I am thinking about things like the artistic temperament or diva tendencies, a tenuous excuse for bad manners - or for that matter the moron who defaced Rothko.

Looking through my pics I came across this pic - it is defying Tara's rule that she wanted the yellow to be bright, but then I am going way off piste for this theme. It is a chance to name check another talented person. This was taken at niece's christening in the crypt at the Houses of Parliament (had to drop that name, I tell you I was impressed). A mellow yellow of a lovely memory thanks to my sister in law's friend the amazing photographer Mel Wilde

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