Thursday, 4 October 2012

Reasons to Be Cheerful

Week 2 of the loveliest blog hop on the web - thanks to Mummy From the Heart: I give you my Resasons to be Cheerful.

The best things in life are the simplest, and this reason to be cheerful is as simple as it gets and in these recessionary times it is totally free. They say that simple things please simple minds, and yes, that makes me a simpleton. I am content to be dumb and happy.

My reason to be cheerful is the feeling of a little hand in mine, looking down at DB and Pickle. It is also that last kiss before I go so bed - kissing the forehead of a child, at rest, content and asleep.

I love walking to school with Pickle, she is the perfect height that she fits comfortably beside me, my hand resting on our shoulder so that we seem to move as one. Sometimes we chat, and other times we just seem to listen to each over breath.

DB has now been walking for many months, he can run and scale a ladder. He understands so much, and sees the world in his own by special way. Often I will say to him that unless he comes hold my hand I will put him into his pushchair so he toddles over hand held high. I take his hand and smile!

I have run organisations, had accolades and successes but being hand in hand with my children gives me the purest sense of joy. That feeling that the world is spinning on the right axis and despite any chaos my life is good.

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