Thursday, 21 February 2013


There is a very special bond between a boy and his Dad; I love seeing DB trot off with the Hubster. I was about to post a delicious photo of them fast asleep together, but then remembered that the Hubster has reservations about privacy and my blog, so here is a pic illustration of the additional issues of being a younger brother.

He idolises his big sis and wants to emulate her in every way - including carrying his hand bag and putting her clips in his hair.

As a younger sister it was all different for me. I had to face anatomical embarrassment. The differences were soggily apparent when I tried to follow his lead and wee against a wall but my joyous arc of wee did not materialise, just a dispiriting downpour into my pants.

If you would like to see more photos inspired by the 'boy' prompt head over to the StickyFingers blog by checking in the badge to the left. Enjoy!

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