Wednesday, 27 February 2013

#one week - new beginnings

This winter has been bitingly cold - the days where the cold pierced my gloves I have had to take pity on the little man and head home for the warmth. But winter is not just about endings it is also about new beginnings. I love dashing out to the garden to see the first flowers, planting early seeds in anticipation of plenty. It is also a time where we take stock of life, everything seems so still but that is just the veneer, underneath nature is getting ready for the summer show.

Looking back at Autumn's #oneweek I can see the dramatic changes in the trees on my favourate walk Autumn Colours and since the last leaf dropped the trees have been dormant. Looking close I can start to see buds and the cycle will begin again.

Roses seem to be another great metaphor for life in so many ways, and see these arterial shoots giving us hope for the summer.

The big question is, am I ready to come out of hibernation yet?
If your sofa has eaten you whole and you need the excuse for five more minutes, way not pop over to Older Mum's one week linky and it will happily devour and hour. Enjoy!

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