Monday, 18 February 2013

February Glossybox

After last months beasting you may be surprised that I was still looking forward to my Febrary Glossybox, but I am shallow and the allure of the surprise box still makes my heart flutter (well it was a Valentine's box).

What, a heart shape lolly? That is to show that Glossybox really cares! But i love the Valentine's box, perfect to store my nail varnishes.

One way in which Glossybox have been really successful has been to get me to try mid range cosmetics. I seemed to vacillate wildly between Space NK and the supermarket (Simple, Nivea etc) as I have been genetically blessed with good skin but cursed with luxury tastes. Dr Renaud is a new brand in the expanding portfolio at M&S where you can now find favourites like Nuxe and REN. This cream is unctuous your skin seems to drink it in with a sigh of relief. The Hubster says that it makes me smell like a boiled sweet, but I can cope with that. £25 for 50ml - definitely one to consider.

Well, nothing wrong with this, but nothing really right either. Sure it is free from parabens, but if I were buying something for myself it would be something better. Also as for the so called 'blooming' funny packaging text it makes me consider how do you make a marketeer cry? Send her a witty p45. jokes need to include humour or they are just annoying, get it?

A eye shadow duo. Handy for the handbag, as the colours are easy to use. A little glittery for my taste and age, but I am quite pleased to have this.

Helen e red lipstick. Last month I should have been careful what I wished for as 'ta da' is that red lippy. Glossybox were giving some poor sods Miners lipstick, a brand that I discovered that is cheap for a reason; on the recommendation of Sister Sally of the immaculate complection I bought some of their nail varnish and discovered it chipped faster than I could apply it, so it is the only varnish I have ever binned!

Back to Helen E. It looks mid range and miles off the quality of my prefered Mac but I was quite surprised by how well it lasted. For £8 it is worth remembering. I checked it the marketing so you don't need to. They are the proud sponsors of Miss England, need I say more? Well, of their initiatives is Beauty in a Box: it seems to be to cosmetics what petrol stations are to floristry and look as if they were assembled by embalmers inspired by looks from back copies of the weekly celeb rags.

Mica Bella blusher - I really like this product. The sample size is just plain annoying as you can not get a decent sized brush in it, but apart from that it is first rate.

Overall, Glossybox has redeemed itself this month. It was a few heart beats short of swoon, but I will let my subscription tick along.

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