Saturday, 9 February 2013


My first thought was to take a picture of DB's nose. It really tells quite a story of my life at the moment, but it is quite gross! It is scabbed from when he did a perfect swan dive onto the path, scraping his cheek and cutting his nose. That adds to the general encrusted nature of his little snotty little hooter.

So instead we have the Pickle. A few seconds before she a wicked little grin, but in the time it took to grab a camera I got the teenage look, you know the one 'oh, Mum!'.

It is a Veg Box moment. We always get quite excited about seeing what is in the veg box every week, and I believe in making food (particularly the healthy stuff) fun.

She was asking what the pepper was - so we had to think of what it could be. If it wasn't a nose we had to sample it. A few minutes later she had demolished half of it and was grinning again.

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