Friday, 1 February 2013

Something for the weekend - hearty craft pt 1

Pretty Good Life's Rules for Craft:
It has to be fun - and that normally means make it in bite size chunks. Who wants meltdown followed by lone papier mâché-ing long often a disheartened child has gone to bed?
Always put all the bits in a zip lock bag, tin or lidded box. Otherwise I get policeman's heal retracing my steps and we all loose interest.
With that in mind this is part one of our Valentine project.
You will need:
Two contrasting colours of felt - we are using a conventional red and white
Embroidery thread
A darning or embroidery needle (larger and feasible to thread)
Fabric scraps / old socks or tights to cut up as stuffing
Pretty ribbon
This is the first home project we have undertaken when Pickle has used a grown up needle. She has progressed via big plastic ones through to a small one that she used for weaning and now she is ready to show her needle work skills she has learnt.

Cut out hearts, sew on a small contrast heart or ribbon onto one heart, the put together with another plain heart. make a knot about 5cm in from the end of the thread. Start stitching at the centre of the top, stitch around stoping a few cms before you complete the edge to stuff lightly then sew up. Use the 5cm tail to knot the ends together leaving a long loop.
It really is that easy and looks that good!
Part two when we have completed it next week :)

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