Monday, 25 February 2013

#one week - and breathe!

Half term was busy, very busy! Today gives me a chance to breathe and recoup.

I love @older_mum 's blog and her #oneweek prompt. It is a way of summing up the season, and for the Autumn week I was well prepared with a handful of half written posts ready to go. This week I am determined to join but, apologies, I will be winging it as well as desperately finishing my book for my book club. Gulp!

This week is starting with the theme of recovery from half term and taking stock of good fortune. DB is no longer a baby but a great handful of destructive energy. Pickle adores him until he manages to trash her carefully laid plans and games.

Normally I am an advocate for simple play as I think that is what childhood is all about. However, this half term I got carried away. This morning we were writing bullet points for Pickle's school news book so that she would not forget what we had been up to.

How was your half term? I hope you had a good one. How about popping along to Older Mum's site and seeing some of the other blogs at she has inspired, she has collected some mighty fine writers and you get a chance to see the cutest pic of Little A and catch up on the wobbly seat saga today.

one week

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