Thursday, 14 February 2013


Pickle and I are a team. We go on adventures and have fun!

I was worried that we would loose the edge of our special bond when DB came along, when I could not dedicate myself to her 100%. But as I think the second photo shows, my fears were almost unfounded. sure, I am more tired and my patience sometimes wanes, but that bond is still very much there and as special as ever.

I never anticipated leaving London and all my friends, but life takes over where (good) intentions run for cover. the luscious Aunty Goth and the ever resourceful Aunty Booshka have been the most amazing constants in my life.

This is a very special pic of friendship that makes me very proud. It so the second generation bonding, Pickle and the gorgeous Ms D's equally gorgeous girls.
Now I was going to mention DIY Janet, my first wife, but again that must wait for another day.
What can I say, but Girrrrls Rock!
This was inspired by Tara's prompt for the Gallery. click on the badge to the left and have a look at the other lovely entries.

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